Seychellois Cuisine: A Kaleidoscope of Flavour

Seychellois Cuisine: A Kaleidoscope of Flavour

Are you ready to discover unique treats and flavours, all served with a perfect backdrop? Seychellois Creole cuisine reflects the archipelago’s variety of culture. A fusion from Africa, China, Europe and India has left the legacy of an exquisite and diverse cuisine, leaving visitors yearning for more. Find out why Seychellois cuisine is a tourist attraction in itself!

A Great Catch

Not many places in the world offer such a variety of fresh fish and seafood as Seychelles. Amongst the well-known are tuna, bonito, sea bass, red snapper, barracuda, king mackerel, gilthead and lobster. You will find fish served in every way imaginable, from grilled, fried, baked, cooked in a rich curry or even raw.

Alongside mouth-watering squid dishes, you can taste octopus (zourit), made into a creamy curry that’s a popular delicacy. Another must-try is Tec Tec, small mussels collected on the beach and then cooked with pumpkin into an enticing soup. For the more adventurous, you can try shark chutney or even bat curry!

But it’s not all fish and seafood; there are plenty of other options too. You will find a host of meat dishes, including chicken, beef, pork and lamb as well as many vegetarian options. Best of all, there is little local transportation of goods, meaning all ingredients are extremely fresh and often plucked straight from a nearby garden or fishing boat.

Many Places, Many Menus

As well as a wide range of dishes and flavours, you will also discover a huge variety of places to eat at! Reflecting the archipelago’s diverse culture, restaurants serve many different types of cuisine from all over the world, from Creole to Italian, Asian, grills and even French and Indian!

Hotels often offer a European-style buffet as part of a full board or half board package, so it’s worth checking out Seychellois restaurants and street food options.

Takeaways are a great option. They are popular with the locals and perfect if you’re on a budget as they’re inexpensive yet substantial. You can find all sorts of takeaways, from fresh Creole curries to international dishes. Beach restaurants and vendors make for a good alternative if you fancy a lighter meal. We’re talking the freshest fish, seafood, salads and snacks such as samosas.

If you opt for self-catering accommodation, a so-called starter package is usually offered to guests. This includes seasoning, oil, butter and occasionally bread and jam. You can buy plenty more ingredients at supermarkets, shops and local markets.

The Victoria Market in the capital is not to be missed, especially if you would like to take back spices. As well as an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, you will also find the traditional spice mixture for Creole curry.

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