Seychelles Events: 3 More Reasons to Book Your Dream Holiday

Celebrate the Best of Seychelles Culture & Art

If you’re looking to combine holiday fun with culture, the festivals and carnival of Seychelles should be on your bucket list! The vivid colours, delicious aromas, melodic sounds and warm breeze of the islands are a treat for all your senses. Read on and mark up your calendar to discover the most vibrant festivities on offer.

SEPTEMBER: Praslin Festival
The Ultimate Treat for Sight and Taste

Foodies and culture vultures should visit the Seychelles in September to experience the best of the island’s gastronomy and arts brought together by the National Arts Council.

Local artists will team up with international artists from all over the Indian Ocean to bring together various musical shows and displays of unique artwork. Meanwhile, aromas will allure you from one food stall to another, where you can experience the true Seychelles through taste.

Official dates are pending but keep an eye on the National Arts Council of Seychelles Facebook page to get the latest on this wonderful occasion.

OCTOBER: Creole Festival
A Window Into Creole Culture and History

The end of October is a time that all Seychellois and Seychelles visitors look forward to. Every year, the traditions and cultural heritage of Seychelles are celebrated at the Creole Festival, the country’s most important cultural event.

The six-day long festival takes place on the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Showcasing dance, music, cuisine, customs and crafts, it gives you the chance to experience the best of Seychelles culture in just a few days!

The colourful and energetic performances include a float event, musical shows, traditional dance, art galleries and many different fairs around the three islands. The program includes a traditional wedding so that visitors can watch and learn how the Seychellois tie the knot in true style! A grand ball that goes on until the early hours of the morning sees the festival off in true style.

This year, the festival will be celebrated on 23-29 October.

OCTOBER: Seychelles Carnival
The Experience of Twenty Carnivals in One

Celebrated each year since 2011, the Carnival in Victoria, now the Laserenad Enternasyonal Victoria, will be part of the Creole Festival this year. More than ever do you have a reason to flock to the capital in October.

With visitors from all corners of the world and 20 countries represented by shows and acts, the carnival is a true melting pot of different cultures. As well as the colourful procession and its lively floats, you can soak up the euphoric atmosphere in the after-party all night long!

Revellers can dance away on 24-31 October 2018.

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